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Hello! I'm John Nehry C. Dedoro and my journey into programming ignited during senior high, where I delved into Java and embraced object-oriented principles. Graduating with High Honors and a 95% GWA, I expanded my skills to PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS, crafting an innovative Enrollment System for my school using a self-built PHP MVC framework.

In college, I mastered C# and various databases like MySQL, MSSQL, SQLITE, Firebase, and Hive. I self-taught Flutter and ventured into freelancing, creating "Math Pics One Word" to aid elementary students in learning algebraic concepts. Along the way, I honed my expertise in Laravel, Express.js, Flutter, Vue.js, and React.js through tutoring and project assistance.

Having graduated in Information Technology with an impressive 1.23 QPA, I proudly earned Cum Laude distinction, Service and Proficiency awards, and secured 3rd place in a regional C# Programming competition. My capstone project, Eprodel, utilizing Vue.js, Flutter, Laravel API, Firebase, and MySQL, clinched the Best in Developmental Study accolade. Eprodel automated the dean's list, streamlined information dissemination, and fostered seamless communication, guided by REST principles.

Tech Stack that I'm Using

Laravel Node.js FastAPI .NET Vue.js Astro Angular Flutter Inertia Tailwind CSS Bootstrap WordPress Elementor PHP JavaScript TypeScript Dart Python C# CSS3 HTML5 MySQL SQLite Microsoft SQL Server Firebase

Work Experience

Municipality of Angono Rizal

Information System Analyst II

Mar. 2024 - Present

Manage systems and websites. Design layouts and graphics for the Municipality of Angono. Plan, document, design and develop systems from scratch based on stakeholder needs and requirements.

Municipality of Angono Rizal

Information Systems Analyst/Programmer

Oct. 2023 - Mar. 2024

Plan, design, develop and innovate a comprehensive system that can effectively address the needs and challenges faced by the Municipality of Angono. Also maintain and enhance the municipal website.

Individual Contractor

Freelance Full Stack Developer

Jan. 2021 - Present

Offered guidance and support to clients, particularly students, throughout the entire project development process. Provided tutoring services to enhance students' programming skills. Designed and planned relational or NoSQL databases according to the client's project requirements. Utilized Figma for creating detailed designs, plans, and prototypes for the system's user interface. Built applications from scratch using various technology stacks to meet client program specifications, ensuring high-quality results.

ClickTek Consulting

Full Stack Developer/Independent Contractor

Aug. 2023 - Sept. 2023

Managed front-end development for responsive user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Back-end development, including server-side applications, APIs, and user access control. Database management, version control, deployment, and effective collaboration with stakeholders.

CalcMenu Philippines

Junior Programmer

Jun. 2023 - Jul. 2023

Responsible for creating and maintaining web applications utilizing Visual Studio 2012/2013, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML5, SQL Server 2008/2012/2014, ASP.NET/VB.NET, and AngularJS. Specialized in web application optimization, upgrading native ASP.Net controls to HTML controls using jQuery/JavaScript. Also handled additional tasks related to our software when assigned.

CalcMenu Philippines

Software Developer Intern

Jan. 2023 - Apr. 2023

Conducted research and developed software applications based on specifications from the head software developer. Explored various OpenAI services, including fine-tuning, embedding, ChatGPT, moderation, and text completion, to understand their potential use cases. Reported research findings to the supervisor and implemented a chatbot using OpenAI embedding technology. Additionally, designed and developed utility applications, such as a recipe parser and a ChatGPT question-and-answer saver.


University of Rizal System

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

August 2019 - June 2023
  • Cum Laude (GPA 1.23)
  • 19th Research Congress Best in Developmental Study
  • Service Awardee
  • Proficiency Awardee
  • 3rd Place Regional C# Programming Competion iSite
  • Resource Speaker Introduction to TailwindCSS
  • Resource Speaker Introduction to Git & Github
  • Resource Speaker Introduction to Flutter Mobile Application Development
  • 1st yr - 4th yr Dean's Lister 1.27 - 1.17 GWA

Angono National High School - SHS

Information Communication Technology

August 2017 - June 2019
  • High Honor (GWA 95%)
  • Conduct Awardee
  • 1st Place Gamathlympics Java Game Development
  • Champion Best Youth Mapper(Up Project Noah)